About milktoast squishy

Dear customers,

Thank you for support our products always.

Now we want to warn about the milktoast.

We had planned to produce milktoast squishy to release in July on Chebu2/Katikati shop and Squishy Japan, but the quality was fairy bad, therefore we did away with them as defective items in China.

Even they’re defective items, it’s found certain viral trading companies are trying to sell them as conforming items.

Now we don’t have any plans to sell milktoast squishy. If there are releases of milktoast squishy, they must handle defective or counterfeit products. They also have BLOOM’s logo, it’s appreciated you pay attention.

When we release milktoast squishy again, we surely announce on the web or inform the customers who inquired before in advance, so please, kindly pay attention to avoid purchasing viral defective or counterfeit products.

Now we’re planning to release new milktoast squishy in Dec, if we release the same design one, it’s not easy to distinguish whether it’s genuine or not, so we plan to change the size and shape also. Please, kindly wait for a while. We plan to announce on 22 Nov.

We apologize for delay of the release. Thank you so much for your support and understanding.

BLOOM co.,ltd.

23 Sep 2016