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Products Instructions and Cautions

Guidelines are applicable to ALL BLOOM PRODUCTS. Before selling our products, please read the guidelines on the link below carefully and please make sure you inform this to your customers via the link or by attaching the document (you can use the pdf files linked above, not only English ver, but also Japanese, Chinese and Thai).

To our valued customers, thank you for purchasing our product.
Below is the list of important precautions related to all our products.
Please read it carefully and keep the information safe for future reference.

1) Parents and guardians must read and follow the below guidelines.

2) Please keep out of reach from children under 6 years of age unless supervised by parents or guardians.

3) Our products are strictly not for human consumption. Please do not eat.

4) Our products are flammable. Please keep away from fire.

5) Our products are delicate, especially on uneven surfaces. Please do not put pressure and avoid pulling, tight holding on the delicate surfaces as this may cause tearing.

6) Please be aware the product may lose its scent and colors over time. This may happen especially in products with white or pearl finish by turning yellow.

7) Please do not place our products inside any type of baggage. The product may stick or damage the inside by discoloration and tear. Please make sure products are stored inside the original package after use and keep away from the sun and heat

8) Please avoid direct contact with other product as the color may transfer.

9) For our key chain range, please do not wrap the key chain around the fingers to avoid injuries.

10) Please do not leave the key chain and the product body while in contact. It may leave trances of the key chain and change the color of the product due to a chemical reaction depending on the environment. When stored, please keep the product body and key chain separately.

11)The surface of the products may be sticky due to temperature and humidity. It is recommended before you handle the product that you leave the product outside of its packaging to let it dry. Please take extra caution while the product is being dried to keep the surface away from dirt. If the product surface sticks, slowly stretch and pull the affected area, which should bring the product back to its original form. Also, please be aware that after drying you may notice some glazing on the surface.

12) Please be aware that you may see some breakage or rough edging near partition lines as the products are carefully made one by one using scissors. This is unavoidable due to production process. For this reason, we are unable to treat these damage as a defect. We kindly appreciate your understanding. However, please do not hesitate to contact if the damage is severe.

13) Please be aware that the scent and the texture may differ even the product is from the same line.

14) Due to its characteristic, the surface of the English bread is prone to tearing. Please only squeeze the base when handling. Also, please be aware that the tearing can happen depending on storage environment and from impact.
*This is an example of a breakage on the partition line. It is not a defect.